Ciel The nurse-next-door

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Poor, poor Brick. He’s sick in bed. He looks miserable.

Not-so-poor Brick. His neighbor is a nurse…a hot nurse, and she knows exactly how to ease his pain.

“I think everything will be okay. I think I can make you feel better,” Nurse Ciel says as she reaches down and rubs his hard-on.

“I have a stomach ache,” he says.

Hey, buddy, you’re gonna have blue balls, too, if you don’t submit.

Which, of course, he does.

Under her dress, this 44-year-old MILF is wearing sexy, white, lacy lingerie.

“Holy, shit!” Brick says when he sees Ciel’s body. He feels better already!

He feels even better when she sucks his cock. His medical condition improves dramatically when she sits on his dick. And he gets it all out of his system by shooting his load in her mouth.

“I am all better!” he declares.

Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

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